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Boarding Info. 通常営業について

Price (料金)

基本料金60分 ※1
Basic Charge
20,000円 / 60分
20,000 yen / 60 minutes
送迎料金 ※2
Transportation of the ship fee *2
1,000円 / 10分
1,000 yen / 10 minutes
※1 1名様~最大11名様まで人数にかかわらず同一料金。
*1: Basicchargeis a fixed rate regardless of the amount of guests (up to 11).

※2 配船場の「豊洲」から発着地までの時間分が基本料金に加算されます。(但し、片道あたり最大3,000円まで)
*2: The amount of time taken for arrival and departure from our base-station Toyosu to the guest’s departing point. However the maximum charge will be 3,000 yen.

日本橋→羽田 片道 総額28,000円 ※所要時間 約50分、回航料金、空港までのタクシーご送迎料金含む。
日本橋→浅草 片道 総額15,000円 ※所要時間 約30分、回航料金含む

Nihonbashi⇔Haneda: 28,000 yen for 1 way
*About 50 minutes. Boat transportation fee and taxi fee to the airport included.
Nihonbashi⇔Asakusa: 15,000 yen for 1 way
*About 30 minutes. Transportation of the ship fee included


Reservation (ご利用方法)




1名様 ~最大11名様までご乗船いただけます。

フリーダイヤル 0120-929-963 (電話受付時間9:30-17:30 年中無休)


1. お名前、ご希望日時、ご希望乗船場所、行先、ご利用人数、(※羽田ご利用の場合、発着ゲート)をお電話またはメールにてお知らせください。
2. クルーズプラン・費用のお見積もり
3. 正式ご予約



乗船指定日の前日昼12:00以降 100%



1. 当日クレジットカードでのご清算(VISA、MASTER、JCB、AMEX、DINERS)
2. 当日現金でのご清算
3. 事前のお振込


Q クルーズ当日が雨の場合はどうなりますか?
A 雨の場合でも基本的に問題なく出航いたします。但し、著しく海象状況が悪い場合は出航を見合わせる場合もございます。

Q 何名から利用ができますか?
A 1名様~最大11名様まで同一料金にてご利用可能です。

Q 当日時間の変更は可能ですか?
A ご予約状況によって承れない場合もございますが、可能な限り対応させていただきます。(但し、時間を遅らせる際には待機料金が発生する場合もございます、予めご了承ください。)

Q 飲食の持込はできますか?
A ご飲食のお持込は原則禁止とさせていただいております。

Q 船内にトイレはありますか?
A 船内にお手洗いのご用意はございません。ご乗船前にお済ませください。

Q 船酔いが心配なのですが・・
A リムジンボートは安定性に優れた設計で、また東京湾内を基本としたクルージングのため、大きな揺れはほとんどございませんが、乗り物に弱い体質の方は事前に酔止め薬などの服用をお薦めいたします。

Q 観光でも利用できますか?
A はい、可能です。お客様のご要望に応じて、クルーズコースをご提案させていただきます。

Limousine Boat runs by appointment. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone for more details.

[Reservation acceptance period]
Up until 12:00pm the 3days before

[Business hours]
10:30am-6pm (Last departure 5pm)
-Sailing time will be set to match the request time of the customer
*There are some routes that cannot be used at night. Please contact us by phone for more information

[Reservations and Information]
Toll-free: 0120-929-963 (Telephone reception hours: 9:30am-5:30pm, 7 days a week)
*You can inquire from the web site mail form

Instructions for making a reservation

1. Please let us know by e-mail or telephone: your name, date and time you would like to use the boat, boarding location, destination, and number of guests (In the case of Haneda, please include your arrival/departure gate)
2. We will create the cruise plan and estimate the cost
3. Finalize the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

After officially booking, if cancellation is required the following fee will be charged:
100% after 12:00pm the previous day (If cancelled before this no fee will be charged)

*If operation is suspended because of weather or other unavoidable circumstances, no fee will be charged.

Payment methods

*At the time of boarding the settlement of payment will be settled before departure.
1. Payment by credit card (Master, Visa, JCB, AMEX, DINERS)
2. Cash payment on the day.
3. Prior payment through bank transfer.

Frequently asked questions

Q What if it rains on the day of the cruise?
A The boat will sail with no problem in case of rain. However, in the rare case of a typhoon or other natural disaster service may be suspended.

Q Seating capacity of the boat?
A Up to 11 guests can board for the same set price.

Q Is it possible to change the departure time on the day?
A We will try our best to accommodatethe guest’s needs, however it depends on the availability of the boat. Please note that in some case a waiting charge may also apply upon delay of the departure.

Q Can I bring food and drinks on to the boat?
A Unfortunately bringing in foods and drinks are not allowed on the boat.

Q Is there a toilet on board?
A There is no toilet on the boat. Please use the restroom before boarding.

Q I’m worried about seasickness…
A The boat is designed with excellent stability and there are few waves on Tokyo bay, however for people very sensitive it is recommend to consider taking a motion sickness medication beforehand.

Q Can the boat also be used for tourism?
A Yes. Depending on customer requests a sightseeing cruise is also offered.




・From Asakusa Sta. (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line): 1 min. walk.
・From Asakusa Sta. (Tobu Isezaki Line): 1 min. walk.
・From Tokyo Subway Asakusa Sta: 3 min. walk.


・東京メトロ半蔵門線・銀座線「三越前駅」 B6出口より徒歩2分
・東京メトロ銀座線・東西線「日本橋駅」 B12出口より徒歩2分

・From Mitsukoshimae Sta.(Tokyo Metro Hanzomon/Ginza Line): 2 min. walk out of B6 Exit.
・From Nihonbashi Sta (Tokyo Metro Ginza/Tozai Line): 2 min. walk out of B12 Exit.



・From Toyosu Sta. (Yurikamome line): 5 min. walk.
・From Toyosu Sta. (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line): 5 min. walk.



・From Tamachi Sta (JR Line): 10 min. walk out of East Exit.
・From Mita Sta. (Toei Asakusa/Mita Line): 10 min. walk.


※羽田空港 国内線/国際線ターミナル⇔船着場間はタクシーご送迎サービスもご用意しております。

・From Tenkubashi Sta.(keikyu line): 2 min. walk.
・From Tenkubashi Sta (Tokyo Monorail line): 2 min. walk.


※羽田空港 国内線/国際線ターミナル⇔船着場間はタクシーご送迎サービスもご用意しております。

・From Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta.(keikyu line): 10 min. walk.
・From Haneda Airport International Terminal Sta (Tokyo Monorail line): 10 min. walk.

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